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It may not seem like it now, but Super Meat Boy was one of the Xbox 360's most surprising success stories - indeed, one of the most surprising success stories of the last generation. An enhanced, expanded version of developer Team Meat's free flash game, Meat Boy, the odds were firmly stacked against it.

FeatureTeam Meat on cats, consoles, and its wish for Super Meat Boy

Not keen on future consoles, but will develop for Nintendo if Super Meat Boy could join Super Smash Bros.

Super Meat Boy creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes at Team Meat really like cats. While Refenes only has one feline companion, McMillen has four - one of which, the hairless Tammy, played a fairly large role in Indie Game: The Movie, last year's high-profile film that detailed the team's plight as it created Super Meat Boy. Despite this, McMillen isn't afraid to call Tammy "a total bitch". I sure hope Tammy isn't reading this.

FeatureThe Binding of Edmund McMillen

Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac creator talks blood, guts, genitals, Indie Game: The Movie, and why the Bible influenced his violent streak. Also, poop.

While driving to Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac mastermind Edmund McMillen's home in Santa Cruz, California, I find myself navigating winding highways to the tune of loud, aggressive ska-punk. The music raises a defiant fist against society's ills and screams of fearless rebellion - and while I don't doubt that the inspiration behind those lyrics is sincere, it gets me wondering: how do people who've hit it big going against the grain and making no secret of their disdain for mainstream society actually live? Do they change once the system starts working in their favor? How do they occupy themselves day-to-day? What are their houses like? Do their cats have fur, just like ours?

Indie Game: The Movie download date announced

Indie Game: The Movie download date announced

Coming to iTunes, Steam next month.

Award-winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie will be released for download on 12th June worldwide.

You'll be able to nab it from iTunes, Steam and at, where you can also pre-order the Blu-ray and DVD.

The film follows the development of Super Meat Boy, details the protracted development and legal troubles surrounding Fez and offers personal interviews with creators.

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FeatureWhat is Indie?

DIY developers discuss what it means to go solo, and whether the label really matters.

Back in the early '90s, the definition of 'indie' music went under a transformation. What had started as a tag for any act that released music without the help of a major record label became a way of describing - and selling - a sound and a lifestyle. Once it was all about crudely recorded cassette tapes and direct, intimate fan interaction; today it's Coldplay, with all the corporate fixings.

Super Meat Boy: The Game announced for iOS

Super Meat Boy: The Game announced for iOS

Not "a sh***y port", developer Team Meat claims.

A new version of blood-soaked platformer Super Meat Boy will be released for iOS devices, developer Team Meat has revealed.

Now-renamed Super Meat Boy: The Game, the fresh incarnation will be remade "from the ground up" to rework the Xbox 360 and PC's precision controls for a touch screen interface.

Explaining the need to remake the game, Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen wrote on Team Meat's blog that "there was no way in hell [the original] would work on a touch screen with buttons all over it, Super Meat Boy isn't a game we want to make a sub-par version of just to cash in".

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Xbox Live Arcade games Achievement limit to double

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms policy change.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that as of next month, all Xbox Live Arcade titles will have the option to increase from 200 to 400 Gamerscore points, with the addition of up to 30 Achievements.

Super Meat Boy sells over 1 million

Rock hard downloadable game Super Meat Boy has sold over one million copies, developer Team Meat has revealed.

"Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past [sic] the million sales mark last month!" the indie developer wrote on Twitter. "PLATINUM BABY."

Super Meat Boy, designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, launched on Xbox Live Arcade in October 2010 as part of Microsoft's GameFeast XBLA promotion. It later launched on PC and Mac.

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FeatureMaking an XBLA Game: The Inside Story

Contracts, exclusivity and outsourced Avatar items.

Canadian developer Brian Provinciano spent two months negotiating his contract with Microsoft to get Retro City Rampage on Xbox Live Arcade. It was, to say the least, a tough process - and one that he could have done without. It delayed the creation of the game, but in the end he thought f*** it, and signed on the bottom line.

Sale, DLC for Super Meat Boy XBLA

Team Meat has "patched things up" with Microsoft.

New levels and a price cut are on their way to the Xbox Live Arcade version of indie platformer Super Meat Boy, developer Team Meat has announced.

Super Meat Boy PC special edition dated

Find out what's inside the Ultra Rare set.

The boxed PC special edition of acclaimed 2010 indie platformer Super Meat Boy lands on UK shelves on 26th August, courtesy of publisher Lace Mamba Global.

Team Meat starts "ambitious" project

Meat Boy 3DS ruled out, Mac port soon.

The two-man team behind ruthless indie jumper Super Meat Boy has begun its next title, and it sounds like a far cry from the conventional platforming of its break-out hit.

FeatureNo pain, no game

Are hardcore gamers really just masochists?

Hard games are enjoying a revival right now. But while Demon's Souls may be notorious for offering a gruelling RPG experience, the most punitive titles are often to be found within the platform genre. And it's indie developers who seem keenest to add liberal dollops of pain to your gaming pleasure.

Meat Boy dev attacks Microsoft support

"It totally f****** hurt my feelings."

Team Meat, the indie studio behind hit platformer Super Meat Boy, has launched a bitter attack on Microsoft for not following through on marketing promises it made for the game's Xbox Live Arcade launch.

Super Meat Boy tunes for Rock Band

Ludicrous difficulty confirmed.

Three tracks from hit indie platformer Super Meat Boy's soundtrack are heading to Rock Band Network, composer Danny Baranowsky has confirmed.

New Super Meat Boy 360 levels incoming

Plus, PC level editor almost done.

A fresh batch of levels are heading to the Xbox 360 version of maniac platformer Super Meat Boy after Microsoft finally approved a new patch for the game.

Team Meat skewers PETA spoof

Steaks claim to Tofu Boy, admits spamming.

Super Meat Boy's developer has launched a twin-pronged retort to animal rights group PETA's recent Super Tofu Boy spoof.

PETA serves up Super Tofu Boy

Team Meat's platformer goes veggie.

Any flesh-shy vegetarian gamers who fell for Super Meat Boy's perfect platforming but balked at all the gore sloshing about might welcome news that US animal rights group PETA has just launched its own food-based jumper: Super Tofu Boy.

Super Meat Boy delayed for WiiWare

It's too big for Nintendo's system.

The planned November WiiWare release of acclaimed indie platformer Super Meat Boy has been pushed back, developer Team Meat has confirmed.

Super Meat Boy gets early price drop

Grab choice XBLA cut for 800 Points.

Showing a total disregard for standard retailing convention, Xbox Live Arcade platformer Super Meat Boy will see a price cut from launch day.

Meat Boy dev: Games are too easy

Plus, explains free DLC move.

Modern videogames are far too easy, the developer behind fiendish Xbox Live Arcade platformer Super Meat Boy has complained.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Basted youth.

Once upon a time I used to love difficult games. I've finished Ninja Gaiden. I've got all the platinum medals in Project Gotham Racing 3. I've even completed most of the levels in Maximo without phoning NHS Direct. In fact, at my peak I enjoyed a challenge so much that the levels of difficulty set by videogames were simply not enough, and I took to artificially enhancing them.

At first it was little things, like ignoring easy-to-reach extra lives, or killing all the enemies in a room but then pressing the alarm button anyway to spawn some more. Before long though it began to affect my real life. I wouldn't just play Street Fighter with one hand tied behind my back - I would play it while subject to extraordinary rendition. By the end I was even dipping my joypad in honey and releasing angry bees into the room whenever I reached a boss fight, and seeing how many times I could punch Dr Robotnik in the face before succumbing to anaphylactic shock.

I've stopped all that now, so it was with some surprise and concern that I booted up Super Meat Boy and realised that it has "relapse" written all over it.

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Free Super Meat Boy DLC revealed

Is a "f**k you" to the system.

The free downloadable chapter for the Xbox Live Arcade version of rock hard 2D platformer Super Meat Boy is a "f**k you" to the system of paying for DLC, the developer has said.

Hydrophobia, Super Meat Boy dated

XBLA release schedule revealed.

Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox Live Marketplace plans for the next couple of months, detailing all add-ons, Arcade titles and Games On Demand releases.

Super Meat Boy coming to XBLA

Evil indie platformer due this year.

Super Meat Boy will be released on Xbox Live Arcade this year, according to an image posted on creator Edmund McMillen's Facebook page.

WiiWare: Coming Soon

Putting the indie into Nintendo.

Last month, Nintendo held an event in London to showcase the line-up of near-future releases for its twin downloadable gaming catalogues, WiiWare and DSiWare. The context was exactly as you'd expect: a plush venue with spectacular views of the capital; a marketing presentation with words of reassurance for retail, and an undertone of envy for Apple's success with the App Store; a smattering of news, a few names showing faces (David Braben, Kenji Eno, Dave Grossman) and a star turn from a slick sequel, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias.