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The Binding of Isaac sold 700,000 copies

"Maybe its time to bring this thing to console ;)"

Super Meat Boy creator Ed McMillen's latest horror-themed rogue-like The Binding of Isaac has sold 700,000 copies.

"Who would have thought a game about an abused child fighting off his mother with his tears could ever sell 700k copies in less than a year?" McMillen wrote in an e-mail to Joystiq . "Not me, that's for f****** sure."

The Binding of Isaac's Wrath of the Lamb DLC accounted for a fifth of the game's overall sales. The Wrath of the Lamb initially launched poorly in late May, so McMillen recently spruced it up with a new update. Free to all owners of the DLC, Wrath of the Lamb v1.3 adds more "items, bosses, enemies, music, secrets and a very hard to attain final ending cut scene that should shed some light on the games story even more."

"700k is a big number... maybe its time to bring this thing to console ;)" McMillen added, suggesting that the PC and Mac game could expand to more systems soon.

The Binding of Isaac was shot down by Nintendo for a 3DS eShop release due to the game's "questionable religious content," but McMillen has been pushing for a release on "one to two Sony platforms."

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC

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