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Wii Worms soil be here soon

Battle Islands or your friends.

Wii game Worms Battle Islands will launch on 26th November, THQ has confirmed.

"Reasons to pay attention to yet another rehash of Team17's turn-based warhorse might seem elusive, but how's this: Battle Islands is that rare beast, an online multiplayer game for the Wii with a proper, contemporary feature-set," wrote Eurogamer's Oli Welsh when he previewed the game as a WiiWare title late last year.

Somewhere along the food chain Battle Islands was upgraded to a retail release.

"It's not hard to believe this was originally planned as a boxed release," he added, as if predicting the future, "although there's a danger that it might overcomplicate the devastatingly simple formula that has kept Worms running all these years."

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Worms: Battle Islands

Nintendo Wii, PSP

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