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3DS Madden NFL announced

Available at 3DS launch.

EA's announced a 3DS Madden NFL game – it's first game for Nintendo's exciting new handheld console.

Madden NFL Football is due out in the first half of 2011 – at the 3DS launch, said EA. The 3DS will be released in Europe and the US in March, so we expect the game then.

It'll feature 11-on-11 football, as you'd expect, all 32 NFL teams and stadiums, a more fast-paced five-on-five mode and a Season Mode.

Spotlight Moments and Call Your Shots are features intended to "jump off the screen". Call Your Shots allows gamers to draw their own plays directly onto the 3DS' touch screen.

There are three types of play calling: GameFlow, Classic, and Arcade. GameFlow automatically selects the best play, Classic hands you control, and Arcade simplifies matters.

The game will have a presentation "optimised for viewing in 3D, including 3D specific cameras that provide new levels of depth". The first screenshots are below.

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