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Is Kinect the future of boardrooms?

Microsoft thinks so.

Kinect can do everything!* Soon the motion-sensing camera will help Microsoft deliver "probably the most important thing to happen to the office worker since the PC came along".

It's called Lync, and it's a cross between MSN Messenger, Skype and, err, something with video, according to ZDNet via VG247.

It's been in development for nearly six years and arrives next month, primarily as a business communication application, but with the future potential to involve Kinect, which could help add features like voice and face recognition.

Microsoft bigwig Gurdeep Singh Pall described the new motion-sensing Xbox 360 camera, which will be made compatible with Lync courtesy of a software update soon after launch, as a bridge between "the boardroom and the living room".

Lync aims to work with mobile phones next year.

*Providing you're 6-8 feet away grumble grumble.

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