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GAME plans big welcome for Kinect

UPDATE: Big-splash event confirmed.

Update: London's Oxford Street GAME will host the official UK launch of Kinect next Tuesday night, the shop has confirmed.

Video Kinect will be set up in the shop to allow "mystery special guests" to speak to the person at the front of the queue. Will it be Xbox 360 boss Don Mattrick, who shook the hand of the first-in-line at the Times Square Kinect blowout last night?

"The launch at our Oxford Street store will be particularly special with some very exciting special guests joining us for this great night – as well as hosting the first UK Video Kinect call!" blurted GAME boss Martyn Gibbs.

Kinect comes bundled with Kinect Adventures for £130. To buy Kinect with the 4GB Xbox 360 S console costs £250.

Original story: GAME will open 235 shops to welcome the midnight launch of Kinect next Tuesday while Gamestation will open 215 stores.

A spokesperson for the mega-shop-firm told Eurogamer that an official announcement about the night's events will go out soon.

Does that mean GAME on Oxford Street has been picked as the location for Microsoft's official UK Kinect launch?

You can find the nearest midnight GAME opening to you on the shop's website. Similarly, Gamestation has a list of shops staying up past their bedtimes to welcome the UK arrival of Kinect.

Kinect launched across the US last night. Microsoft hired out New York's Times Square to mark the occasion.

Kinect Sports - one of the better launch titles.

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