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MVC3: Capcom defends DLC chars

Plus, "zero" chance of a demo.

Capcom has defended its decision to make characters from upcoming three-on-three brawler Marvel vs. Capcom 3 downloadable content amid increasing anger from the fighting game community.

"Suffice to say, there are differing views on DLC," VP of strategic planning & business development at Capcom U.S. Christian Svensson said in a Q&A, as reported by Eventhubs.

"Everyone needs to decide whether there's value in the offering or not and make your purchasing decisions accordingly. That's true not just of MVC3, but of all games.

"As I've stated in prior interviews, DLC is part of the business model these days given the massive costs of production and can be the difference between a profitable product and an unprofitable product."

Fans were riled after Capcom announced that Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and Capcom's Shuma Gorath would be downloadable characters – in the US, at least.

Four weeks after the game launches, gamers will be able to use codes included in the Special Edition to download Jill and Shuma.

Capcom is yet to confirm whether the characters will be made available to buy as DLC on general release, but Eurogamer understands the Special Edition will not be sold in the UK.

Instead, if downloadable characters are made available to European gamers, they will likely be pre-order bonuses.

While we're at it, Svensson confirmed there won't be a demo of the game ("Sorry, but zero percent. As with Street Fighter IV, there will be no demo for Marvel vs. Capcom 3"). He was also asked about a very Frank West-esque silhouette, which some have taken as evidence that the Dead Rising star will make an appearance on the game's already bulging roster.

His response? "Sorry guys, not commenting beyond a word of warning... do not assume."

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