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Reeves: Expect Kinect, Move in next-gen

MS and Sony "have to" - Capcom EU boss.

Microsoft and Sony will incorporate motion-sensing add-ons Kinect and Move into the next generation of consoles – indeed they "have to".

That's the prediction of Capcom Europe boss David Reeves – and his prediction is as good as any. Reeves used to be in charge of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

"I think [motion control is] the preamble to what might come in the next static consoles. I don't know when they will arrive. That different way of controlling a game, either with your hand and feet or your voice, or even maybe just your eyes..." he said.

"I think it will extend the life of the static consoles a little bit. But it will roll into - there's so much investment in those systems, they'll have to use it for the next static consoles as well. Or a modification. They'll learn a lot from this."

Both Microsoft and Sony have refused to comment on the next generation of consoles.

Microsoft reckons Kinect – released in the UK this week – will extend the life of the Xbox 360 by five years.

Sony has consistently trumpeted its 10-year life cycle plan for the PlayStation 3.

But now, some five years into the current generation, next-gen questions are being asked.

In the short term, however, Reeves sees big gains for the PS3, medium gains for the Xbox 360 and the end for the Nintendo Wii.

"The PS3 will grow massively, especially outside the frontline markets in Europe," he said. "Xbox 360 will continue to grow and Wii, unfortunately, I see coming down - as it is now, quite rapidly.

"Unless they come up with some really good, innovative software with a very strong IP, I think they're going to struggle. It's the life cycle, isn't it?"

Read the full interview for more from Reeves.

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