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FF Agito XIII details sneak out

Dev team done with The 3rd Birthday.

Agito, Square Enix's mysterious Final Fantasy XIII spin-off for PlayStation Portable, is shrouded in mystery, but now development on The 3rd Birthday has finished up details have trickled out of Japan.

Agito's worldview is described as a "fantasy conflict between four sides", according to tweets by director Hajime Tabata (translated by Andriasang).

Battles are "deadly clashes between weapons and magic". The game also looks at the two sides of reality, the ordinary and extraordinary.

We're set to learn more about Agito next year. Meanwhile, Tabata recommends fans try The 3rd Birthday, still without a European release date.

Why? Because while the style of both games differs, The 3rd Birthday shows what the team can do on PSP, Tabata said.

Agito, originally a mobile game, was unveiled moons ago in 2006 alongside FF XIII and FF Versus XIII. Like those, Agito is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, or "the new tale of the crystal". It's without a confirmed Western release. A trailer from 2008 is below.

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