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Christmas Costume Quest DLC on the way

Dressed to chill.

Cute downloadable adventure Costume Quest is getting measured up for some winter-themed DLC, developer Double Fine has announced.

According to GameSpot's first look, the Grubbins on Ice pack sees you set out on a mission to save Lucy, who has been sucked into an inter-dimensional portal.

You follow her down the wormhole into the monster-filled kingdom of Repugia, where you end up joining forces with the resident grubbins to liberate the place from a despotic ruler and free Lucy from his grasp.

There's about five hours worth of questing there, if Double Fine is to be believed.

The DLC also patches a few bugs and adds some minor features to the main game, such as letting you pause during cutscenes and save your game at designated phone posts.

No price has been confirmed yet, but a release is due some time in December.

Still not sure whether Double Fine's RPG is worth your pennies? Eurogamer's Chris Schilling gave the game a cheerful 8/10 when it launched last month on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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Costume Quest

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