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GT5 installs while played - Sony

If you say no to 6.4GB one-off.

You don't have to wait the best part of an hour for Gran Turismo 5 to install - you can opt for the game to unpack chunks as you play, Sony explained this afternoon.

"GT5 gives users the option of an install," Sony pointed out. "This makes loading times throughout much faster but is not a requirement when first playing.

"If users choose not to install the data straight away it will do it in stages as news areas, tracks, etc. are accessed during normal gameplay."

Eurogamer has been independently informed that the 6.4GB optional hard-drive install for Gran Turismo 5 checks out - it's correct. To do this takes 40 minutes or more.

Optional installs are uncommon on PS3, and at 6.4GB that's one of the largest we've seen. Other beefy PS3 contenders are EndWar and Devil May Cry (both around 5GB), or BioShock 2 and Lost Planet 2 (both roughly 4.5GB).

Mind you, Gran Turismo 5 has 1031 cars, which translates to an overwhelming list that we reproduced in full.

Gran Turismo 5 will be released on 24th November. That's a Wednesday, which means more midnight launch shenanigans next week - not to mention the long awaited Eurogamer GT5 review.

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Gran Turismo 5


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