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New maps coming to Bad Company 2

Announcement on eve of Black Ops' release.

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On the eve of Call of Duty: Black Ops' release EA has announced new downloadable content for rival shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

VIP Map Pack 7 includes four maps, two of which are "fan favourites" Oasis and Harvest Day. It's all free for PC and console VIP players.

The maps previously in Bad Company have been reworked for the sequel, and in the process have gained "full Destruction 2.0 (buildings collapsing and micro destruction), enhanced graphics and lighting, and remastered ambient sounds and backgrounds".

The final two maps in the pack are Cold War and Heavy Metal, both originating from the single-player portion of the DICE-developed shooter.

Talking specifically about Oasis, level designer Cristian Pavel said: "The map has not been changed drastically, so returning players will feel right at home the moment they step into this Oasis.

"The revised parts of the levels are minor. For example, the gold crates in BC1 were located on the rooftops, which we can't have now that entire buildings can collapse. So we had to put the crates on the ground in some places. Things like that."

VIP Map Pack 7 is "on its way", according to DICE.

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