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Pirated SCII downloaded how many times?

This is one record Blizzard doesn't want.

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StarCraft II is the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time – but it's now in the record books for all the wrong reasons.

That's because according to TorrentFreak, StarCraft II holds the record for the most data transferred – a whopping 15.77 Petabytes.

Which means the most popular version of the game's 7.19 GB torrent file has been downloaded more than two million times – 2.3 million to be exact.

Legitimate copies of the game are distributed through Blizzard's own BitTorrent downloader – TorrentFreak speculates that downloads of that version may have transferred even more data that the pirated version.

Piracy is of course one of the greatest threats to PC gaming, and it's a big issue for Blizzard.

In August Blizzard executive Michael Ryder said the new and improved was helping the company win the fight against pirates.

Blizzard's controversial decision to remove LAN play from StarCraft II was in part an attempt to limit piracy, and many of the game's features require a connection to

Oli reviewed StarCraft II for Eurogamer, awarding it a stonking 9/10.

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