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Gray Matter sneaks out early

Buy Gabriel Knight creator's comeback now.

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Gray Matter, the long-in-the-offing comeback from point and click guru Jane Jensen has quietly made itself available for download.

Rock Paper Shotgun reported that a PC version of Gray Matter is available to buy from Amazon Germany for €35.99 or download from online retailer Games Planet for €39.95.

Apparently, the game comes with English voiceovers so is fully playable for those who don't speak German.

Strange news, considering the game's publisher announced last month that the title's UK release had been pushed back to February 2011 due to "the need for more polishing of the game."

Gray Matter was first announced way back in 2003 for PC and Xbox 360 before being bogged down in years of development hell. It hopped between various publishers and developers, before dtp Entertainment picked it up and promised a 2010 release with Lace Mamba Global.

Eurogamer's Kristan Reed discussed the mysterious adventure game's lengthy gestation earlier this year with creator Jane Jensen.

Long in the tooth PC gamers should remember her work on classic Sierra adventure titles like Gabriel Knight, Police Quest and King's Quest.

We're following up with Lace Mamba Global to find out if that official global release date of February 2011 still stands.

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