Gray Matter

Gray Matter

Gray Matter

University challenge.

Regardless of the specific sleights and shuffles, the secret to every great illusion is always the same: hide the effort. It's here that Gray Matter – a game that's as much concerned with magic as it is science, and equally obsessed with imagination and memory – really struggles.

Somewhere, in amidst the muddle of threadbare technology, a fiddly UI and a convoluted narrative, you get glimpses of a game with real style and substance. The sheer difficulty in holding this wayward enterprise together, however, appears to have been too much.

Gray Matter is ambitious, literate and unusual. Sadly, it's also compromised, unconvincing and often dull. It can't hide the effort that's gone into putting it together, and therefore the illusion that makes the best adventure games so memorable is all but missing.

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Gray Matter sneaks out early

Buy Gabriel Knight creator's comeback now.

Gray Matter, the long-in-the-offing comeback from point and click guru Jane Jensen has quietly made itself available for download.

Gray Matter delayed yet again

Jane Jensen comeback needs more time.

Long in gestation point and click adventure Gray Matter has been pushed back to February 2011, publisher Lace Mamba Global has announced.

Gray Matter

Brain training.

If you thought Alan Wake took its sweet time getting out of the door, spare a thought for hardcore adventure gamers who have had to wait a patience-testing seven years for Gray Matter. Since the game was announced it has gone through various stages of development hell, switching publishers and developers multiple times before the point-and-clicker finally found a home - this time at German publisher dtp.

Gray Matter getting Xbox 360 release

Adventure now due "Q4 2010".

Publisher DTP Entertainment has announced an Xbox 360 version of their adventure game Gray Matter will be released alongside the long-planned PC version of the game.

Gray Matter to be released next March

Gabriel Knight creator's comeback.

German publisher dtp entertainment has said that it will finally release Gray Matter - the first adventure game from cult creator Jane Jensen in over a decade - in March 2010.