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Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen opens new adventure game studio

Yep, it's another Kickstarter project.

Veteran Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen has set up a new development studio called Pinkerton Road devoted to making new adventure games.

The studio hopes to raise funds via crowdsoucing - or "community supported gaming" as it prefers to put it. Its games will be available to subscribers first, who'll also get a say in how they're developed.

So, yes, that means another Kickstarter drive. Jensen hopes to raise at least $300,000 towards its first year of game development via the fund raising site, which it will supplement with private investments. It currently has three concepts ready to go, and backers will be asked to vote on which will be made first.

The potential titles include a sequel to Jensen's last game, middling mystery adventure Gray Matter. Then there's third person adventure Moebius which follows the exploits of a globe-trotting antiques dealer, and Anglophile Adventure, which is currently undetailed.

At the time of writing, it's raised over $48,000 towards its goal, with 43 days to go. Head on over to Kickstarter for details of the various reward packages on offer in exchange for your cash.

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