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3D visuals coming to iPhone

Stereoscopic Apples.

Stereoscopic 3D visuals are heading to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Toy maker Hasbro will release a $30 add-on called My3D for both devices next spring.

Before you Nintendo 3DS fans grab your pitchforks and march towards Apple HQ, know this: the binoculars-esque attachment appears to cover an iPhone's screen in its entirety – thus blocking touch screen controls. That doesn't bode well for gaming.

It's more about the video content, then. According to the Associated Press (via Kotaku), Hasbro's joined forces with Dreamworks for vids, and the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau for tourism apps.

"Viewers will be able to see trailers and exclusive behind-the-scenes snippets from films for up to 20 minutes," according to the report.

Through other apps you'll feel like you're immersed in deep water, exploring coral reefs or playing a shark attacking a tuna, while all along learning facts about sea life. Boom.

But, something about "shooter games in a virtual galaxy" that support My3D are mentioned as coming.