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Mass Effect 2 PS3 "as good, if not better"

BioWare talks up port.

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BioWare has reassured PS3 users that their forthcoming version of Mass Effect 2 won't make any sacrifices in its visual and will be "as good, if not better than the Xbox version".

"Oftentimes when you go to the PS3 you see stuff like down-ressing and using a smaller than 720p resolution to try and get back some of the framerate," producer Jess Huston told the Official PlayStation Magazine (according to a post on NeoGAF.

"We haven't done that. We really wanted to try to make it as good, if not better than the Xbox version."

As well as preserving the game's graphics, BioWare is including "three years' worth of engine updates" and every patch and piece of downloadable content for the game, which adds up to $100 and 20 hours of additional gameplay, the developer reckons.

The exclusive interactive comic telling the story of the first Mass Effect game – which was never released on PS3 – is described as "a save game generator".

Good to know. The game's out in January, one year after the Xbox 360 and PC versions, and it's quite good.

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