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Reader Review of the Month

Sonic! Dead Rising! Demon's Souls!

Eurogamer forumites may have noticed that we recently launched a brand new Reader Review of the Month competition. Think something's better than Halo or as good as Red Dead Redemption? Post your own review and you can not only tell the world, but also stand the chance of winning fabulous prizes. Prizes, anyway. A prize.

For October, our brave and unusual community manager Tom Champion shortlisted three of your best efforts for consideration by the EG editorial team. First up there's Kami's love letter to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, written in the style of, well, a love letter. Then there's BOBBYLUPO's take on Dead Rising 2 and finally LowEnergyCycle's review of Demon's Souls. And the winner is...

LowEnergyCycle's review of Demon's Souls!

Here's a snippet:

"Demon's Souls, contrary to what you may have read, is not the teeth-grinding struggle that the gaming press claim. Rather, it's a game of patience. Slowly and methodically inching through the five huge worlds, chipping away at the respawned hellions until you know their locations. Opening shortcut gates and eventually sprinting directly to the lair of the Boss with the right equipment, spells, healing items and strategy. Getting killed is just another part of the grind, providing you have the determination to get back to them again with yet more souls collected on the way for a bigger payout later."

Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell explains his decision thus: "I liked Kami's attempt to get back in the pants of Sonic but he lost points for not slagging off Tails in every sentence, and BOBBYLUPO's review appears to condone theft. More seriously, LowEnergyCycle picked up on what I really liked about Demon's Souls, that you are often a far greater threat to your own safety than anything the game puts in your path. I also liked his conclusion, which is a lesson we could all do to learn in games and beyond."

LowEnergyCycle will haul away whatever game we can find for the platform of his choice. Congratulations!

If you'd like to stand a chance of winning next month, head over to the Reader Content section and get typing.

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