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Ashley Cole addicted to Black Ops

"Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this COD."

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England and Chelsea star Ashley Cole is addicted to Call of Duty.

He spends up to five hours a night playing it, says the Sun.

"In doing so he's built up an impressive profile - and will tell anyone who cares to listen," says the red top's gossip column.

A source said: "Ashley has really put in the hours since he got the latest game, Black Ops.

"Every chance he gets he's on his console, which is why he's turned into a top-ranked player.

"Ashley gives his friends stick if they're not as good as him - even if it's on a night out."

Cole's "gaming group" spends so long playing they have to declare tea breaks. I declare a tea break RIGHT NOW.

The source added: "The battles can really drag on so the group have to take the odd break. They then reconvene to finish off their mission.

"Some nights it can go into the early hours of the morning, but time just seems to pass by without anybody noticing."

Thankfully, and as the Sun rightfully points out, Cole's Black Ops addiction hasn't impacted his footie skills. The greatest left back in the world is doing the business this season arguably better than he's ever done.

Cole isn't the first footballer revealed to be addicted to videogames, and won't be the last.

Ex-England and Liverpool goalkeeper David James famously blamed his poor form (madness) on his obsession with PlayStation.

Funnily enough, Cole's England left back rival Wayne Bridge is proper good at COD. We know because we saw him strut his stuff on-stage at the Black Ops launch earlier this month. But then, if all you do is warm the substitutes bench every Saturday, you're going to have the time to practice, aren't you?

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