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Blacklight dev: 3D the big thing for FPS

Not "waving my arms around".

Multiplayer FPS Blacklight: Tango Down finally hits PlayStation Network this week but gamers looking for Move compatibility will be disappointed. Developer Zombie Games is much more interested in 3D.

Project lead Jared Gerritzen told Eurogamer, "Move is definitely one of the cooler motion controllers just because it's really easy to track. It's cool, but I think if anything Sony has is going the right direction, it's 3D."

"We have that working on some of the graphics cards for the PC. Other than the fact it gives me a splitting migraine after half an hour it's just so awesome. Actually looking into a screen and having it feel 3D is absolutely the best way to make a player feel like they're in that world.

"That right there is the big thing," he added, "not waving my arms around.

"Games are a way to escape. Having someone moving around to play is great but it's very tiring. Most people work a full day and then they come home and want to sit on their comfy couch and just move their thumbs, not their whole body.

Blacklight: Tango Down arrives on PlayStation Network tomorrow, priced £9.99. Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead gave the Xbox Live Arcade version 5/10, but Gerritzen suspects that was because there was no free massage on offer.