Blacklight: Tango Down


Blacklight: Tango Down

But not Seven Up.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down

Launching in 3, 2... Oh, it's out.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down - first match

Tom's first team deathmatch on XBLA.

VideoBlacklight developer diary #2

On visuals, weapon customisation, more.

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Blacklight: Retribution gets full release

Free-to-play PC sequel to console FPS Tango Down out now.

The completed version of Blacklight: Retribution, the free-to-play PC-only follow-up to 2010 console FPS Blacklight: Tango Down, is available now, publisher Perfect World has announced.

Blacklight Retribution announced

Blacklight Retribution announced

Tango Down's free-to-play sequel detailed.

The sequel to 2010 downloadable FPS Blacklight: Tango Down has just got itself a name - Blacklight Retribution - and a publisher.

First revealed earlier this year, the Zombie Studios-developed game is being re-modeled as a free-to-play PC shooter, built on Unreal Engine 3 with DirectX 11 support.

As shown in the trailer below, the game is taking a more futuristic approach than its predecessor, with rocket-powered mechs joining the fray.

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Blacklight dev: 3D the big thing for FPS

Not "waving my arms around".

Multiplayer FPS Blacklight: Tango Down finally hits PlayStation Network this week but gamers looking for Move compatibility will be disappointed. Developer Zombie Games is much more interested in 3D.

In the shadow of Black Ops

What hope for Breach and the downloadable shooter?

Next week a gaming behemoth lands in our waters. Call of Duty: Black Ops a game with pre-order numbers big enough to cause retail waves that'll surge higher and further than even those generated by Modern Warfare 2.

Blacklight dev defends Tango Down

Reviewers "didn't get a massage."

The lead designer of Blacklight: Tango Down has hit back at critics of the downloadable multiplayer FPS on the eve of the game's belated PlayStation Network release.

Blacklight heading to US PS3s this month

$15 for multiplayer-only first-person shooter.

UTV Ignition and Zombie Studios have announced that Blacklight: Tango Down will be released for PlayStation 3 via PSN on 26th October in the US.

Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down

But not Seven Up.

Blacklight has arrived on the FPS scene with unusual swagger. Kicking in the door, it slumps in your favourite chair, puts its blood-crusted combat boots up on your coffee table and starts making wild, testosterone-fuelled boasts. "Yeah, I'm bringing AAA gameplay in a download game," it scoffs while stubbing a cigar out on the arm of the sofa that you haven't even started paying DFS for yet.

"Oh, and I'm going to be in a comic and a movie," it adds, spitting a sticky mouthful of tobacco phlegm onto your carpet. "Basically, I'm awesome, and you should be licking the powder burns off my still-smoking assault rifle in gratitude because I cost less than a large stuffed crust from Dominos."

It's an impressive display, but it always helps to make sure you're walking the walk before talking the talk. Blacklight doesn't.

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Blacklight: Tango Down

Condition orange.

There are a lot of cultural reference points in games these days, deliberate and otherwise, and sometimes they're all the hook you need. But they're also open to misinterpretation. For example, when I sit down to play Blacklight: Tango Down all I can think about is mood lighting and ageing British TV adverts for crap soft drinks.