Blacklight: Tango Down


Blacklight: Tango Down

But not Seven Up.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down

Launching in 3, 2... Oh, it's out.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down - first match

Tom's first team deathmatch on XBLA.

VideoBlacklight developer diary #2

On visuals, weapon customisation, more.

Key events

Blacklight and Daylight developer Zombie Studios officially shuts down

Founders leave, but remaining staff form new studio Builder Box.

Blacklight: Retribution gets full release

Free-to-play PC sequel to console FPS Tango Down out now.

Blacklight Retribution announced

Tango Down's free-to-play sequel detailed.

Blacklight dev: 3D the big thing for FPS

Not "waving my arms around".

FeatureIn the shadow of Black Ops

What hope for Breach and the downloadable shooter?

Blacklight dev defends Tango Down

Reviewers "didn't get a massage."

Blacklight: Tango Down gets PSN date

Plus, XBLA version sells a million.

Blacklight heading to US PS3s this month

$15 for multiplayer-only first-person shooter.

Zombie already working on Blacklight 2

No plans for DLC for the first one.

Blacklight gets World Cup weapon tags

Put Dutch or Spanish flag on your gun.

Blacklight: Tango Down

But not Seven Up.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down

Launching in 3, 2... Oh, it's out.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down - first match

Tom's first team deathmatch on XBLA.

BlackLight: Tango Down out tomorrow

XBLA, PSN game in AAA clothing.

VideoBlacklight developer diary #2

On visuals, weapon customisation, more.

VideoExclusive Blacklight developer diary

Zombie Studios talk modes and methods.

VideoAll the drama of Blacklight: Tango Down

New world order meets zombie terror.

Blacklight: Tango Down

Condition orange.

VideoBlacklight: Tango Down's HRV

The hyper reality visor in full effect.

Blacklight: Tango Down has co-op

Earn XP and "grow" in Black Ops.

Ignition outs 'AAA' downloadable shooter

Retail-like production for PC, PSN, XBLA.