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You can join imminent Rift closed beta

Try on Trion's fantasy MMO.

Rift: Planes of Telara, an MMO we called "worthy of attention" recently, is soon to enter closed beta. And you can take part.

Between 3rd and 6th December, gamers who have signed up for the beta will be drafted in.

You'll be able play the first 20 levels of Rift and swan around the starting zones of the Defiant faction. You can also peruse the Plane of Death-invaded land of Freemarch, where you may wallow in the fortress city of Meridian and frolic in the Iron Tomb dungeon.

Incidentally, your chances of being selected improve by lurking on Rift's Facebook page or by following the Rift Twitter. Keeping an eye on the game's forum won't hurt either.

Rift's a fantasy MMO being made by Trion that's both solid and good-looking. Its unique hook allows players to trigger rifts within the fabric of the world - inviting creatures from other planes to invade unless their advances are checked by you.

Footage of Rift.

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