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EVE noob edition on 3rd December

I proton my suit and space hat.

We told you yesterday that the noob edition of EVE Online was coming to Europe. Today, Namco Bandai has given the Commissioned Officer Edition a firm date: 3rd December.

You can buy it from GAME, Play, or Amazon.

Play is cheapest at £9.99, although the date is mistakenly entered as March 2011. Amazon is next best at £14.99. GAME is most expensive at £24.99.

The Commissioned Officer Edition of EVE comes with a Cerebral Accelerator in-game item that significantly increases the speed of skill development. It lasts for 30 days.

Also packed in are 30 days of free game time. EVE usually carries a monthly subscription fee.

EVE has been around for donkeys years and has carved a successful niche in the MMO market for its strategical spaceship gameplay. It's old, but there are big changes afoot, including upcoming expansion Incursion, which lays the groundwork for Incarna next summer - the beginning of EVE's transition from "the space game" to "the ultimate sci-fi world".

That's what creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson told Eurogamer in October - that and a whole lot more.

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