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More LostWinds blowing in

Frontier offers Elite IV, Outsider updates too.

Fans of delightful WiiWare platformer LostWinds rejoice – there's more on the way, developer Frontier has revealed.

Frontier's founder and chairman David Braben told Eurogamer, "It's far from done and dusted - there are still many more stories to tell from [game world] Mistralis. We'll keep you updated as we have news."

LostWinds and its sequel have been among the highlights of the Wii's download service. 2009's Winter of the Melodias coaxed a near-perfect 9/10 from Eurogamer's Christian Donlan.

Gamers hoping for a switch to PlayStation 3's Move controller might be disappointed though. "We are not currently developing for it," Braben said of Sony's motion controller.

Next out of the gate for Frontier is Kinectimals for Xbox 360 on 10th November, but that's not all the studio has in the pipeline. There's ambitious, enigmatic epic The Outsider and the long-awaited Elite IV is still on the cards too.

"The Outsider is still in full production," said Braben. "Elite IV has not yet moved to the full production stage. Again, when we're ready to say more we'll update everyone."

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