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Braben: Used sales are killing single player games

Elite creator blames pre-owned for The Outsider cancellation.

Elite IV is happening, but "very slowly"

The Outsider "will come out", says Braben.

Frontier's The Outsider sheds staff

Oft-delayed title "not canceled" though.

More LostWinds blowing in

Frontier offers Elite IV, Outsider updates too.

Frontier still "working hard" on Outsider

"Watch this space," says Braben.

FeatureFrontier's David Braben

Welcome, Commander Braben.

Braben: pre-owned is "damaging" market

Skewed sales, unrewarded developers.

Online distribution made LostWinds work

It was all "very refreshing", says Braben.

Riskiest games most rewarding

Taking chances pays off - Braben

FeatureFrontier's David Braben

On Thrillville, The Outsider, and defining "next-gen".

BioShock, Halo 3 not "next-gen"

David Braben scrutinises.