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Alan Wake 2 to be Kinect compatible?

Remedy recruiting motion control experts.

The next project from Alan Wake developer Remedy looks like it will be putting Kinect through its paces, according to a new recruitment listing.

The posting on Remedy's website explains, "We are looking for a skilled programmer with a passion for game programming to join our team. You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy's unique game engine that was previously used in Alan Wake."

Among the credentials the Finnish developer asks of potential employees is, "Experience on motion-control technology (e.g. Kinect)."

There's no confirmation that the job listing applies to Alan Wake 2, but Remedy is certainly keen to get started on a sequel.

Earlier this year the developer told Eurogamer, "We definitely want to do it. We have great ideas for it. There's certainly a want, and that want is I believe from both sides."

Remedy's long-delayed survival horror finally arrived on Xbox 360 earlier this year, scoring a slightly anti-climactic 7/10 from Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson.

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