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Eat Them! dished up for PSN

Who remembers Rampage?

Sony has confirmed a PlayStation Network release for Eat Them!, the latest game from Bristol-based developer FluffyLogic.

The game's producer told the PlayStation Blog that the Rampage-esque romp lets players "create their own giant monster which they then use to smash, crash and munch their way though the city. The monster is people-powered, so eating folk is a prerequisite of keeping your monster in full-on destruction mode."

You can expect "customisable monster creation and lots and lots of smashing things. The player has the option of single-player and split-screen multiplayer, head-to-head and co-operative missions."

Have a look at the screenshots below for a better idea of the game's B-movie comic book feel.

The most accurate release date Sony were willing to offer was "2011" but FluffyLogic, whose last title was the enjoyable tower defence effort Savage Moon, will be taking over the Playstation Blog every two weeks to update on progress.

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Eat Them!


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