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More Kinectimals plush toys inbound


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STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Microsoft and Jakks Pacific have announced that the King Cheetah and Maltese Tiger WERE ONLY THE BEGINNING.

Yes, apparently the two plush toys included in the Limited Collector's Editions of Kinectimals – possibly the new Viva Pinata, although I don't know because Kinect doesn't work in my flat – were just a warm-up act.

According to the announcement, which is printable should anyone wish to frame it, FIVE MORE unique plush Kinectimals will be released in North America next spring, and they are also merely described as "THE FIRST WAVE". (MY EMPHASIS.)

As everyone knows and as everyone else will now be taught in schools up and down the planet, each Kinectimals plush toy can be scanned using the Kinect sensor bar. The animal will then appear in the game.

There's no immediate word on whether the new plush toys will make it to Europe. Apart from the ones I import, obviously.

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