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Kinectimals demo pounces onto Live

Specimen measures 1.52GB.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There's a Kinectimals demo lurking in the bushes of Xbox Live Marketplace. Its poised hulk measures 1.52GB.

The description of what the demo offers is exhaustive. "Play this demo," it waffles. Looks like you'll be going in blind.

Kinectimals is a cutesy animal petting game for Kinect. Note, then, that you'll need Kinect to play the demo.

Developed by Braben's Frontier, Kinectimals has good pedigree, and was one of the better games on offer at Kinect's launch. Eurogamer's Kinectimals review turned up 7/10, Keza MacDonald deciding that "Kinectimals has plenty of different challenges in a lovely, adorable framework".

The first 15 minutes of Kinectimals.

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