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Kinectimals Now With Bears! announced

Pet sim expansion shows some claws.

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Xbox 360 pet sim Kinectimals expands later this year with the addition of - yes, you guessed it - bears.

Kinectimals Now With Bears! adds five new creatures to the game: a Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear and Polar Bear.

There's a new adventure mode which sees you exploring an uncharted island in an attempt to track down a mysterious device thought lost 200 years ago.

Expect plenty of new collectibles too, as well as additional tricks and activities for your virtual critters.

It'll be available sometime this Autumn as a full-priced retail game also including all the content from the original release. However, if you already own that, you'll be able to download the new content from Xbox Live for your regional equivalent of $14.99.

Developed by David Braben's Frontier studio, the original was a Kinect launch title back in November 2010. As detailed in our Kinectimals review, it picked up a cute, cuddly 7/10.

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