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Front Mission Evolved DLC revealed

New weapons and wanzers.

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Square Enix has detailed downloadable content for Front Mission Evolved, some of which is free, some of which costs cold hard cash.

Weapons Pack 1, out today on Xbox Live and tomorrow on PSN (it's already out on PC) brings three new weapons: Machine Gun: Dark Hog, Shotgun: Blackstone and Rifle: Sieger.

Wanzer Pack 2, also out today on Xbox Live, and tomorrow on PSN and PC, adds two wanzers: the Stork Mk. IV and Tatou.

Both of these packs are free.

Weapons Pack 2, out on Xbox on 9th November and PS3 and PC on the 10th, costs 240 MSP or £1.99. It brings three new weapons: Bazooka: Rock Jack, Rocket Launcher: Wild Goose, and Missile Launcher: Goldias.

And finally the Wanzer Pack 3, due out on Xbox 360 on 16th November and on PS3 and PC a day later, costs 320 MS Points or £2.99. This adds the Wildgoat wanzer and one brand-new type, the ISV-Prototype.

Front Mission Evolved was released last month. Simon Parkin awarded it 6/10 for Eurogamer. Screens of the new DLC are below.

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