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UK immune to US Front Mission delay

Still on course.

Front Mission Evolved is still on course for release on 17th September in the UK despite it being delayed in the US.

Yesterday publisher Square Enix delayed the launch of the game in the US to 28th September.

Square Enix Europe told Eurogamer that the delay is US specific: "The release date for Front Mission Evolved in Europe is 17th September. If there is any change to this we will announce it in due course."

Wondering what Front Mission Evolved is all about? Wonder no more: It's a mecha combat game under development by Double Helix for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Double Helix has decided to resurrect the series in a third-person action format rather than as a strategy game, hence the name.

That means you're a Wanzer - a giant walking robot that goes around shooting and stepping on things and never says sorry.

A "totally immersive storyline", "Hollywood-style production values" and "intense" multiplayer are all promised.

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