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Front Mission gets wave MP mode

Mechanize addition to the game.

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Front Mission Evolved now has its own wave-based co-operative multiplayer mode called Last Stand.

This involves you and a friend taking on progressively more challenging waves of enemies. How long can you last?

Last Stand costs £4/€5 or 400 Microsoft Points.

For that price you can also buy two new Front Mission Evolved maps: Desert and Docks.

Desert, as you'd expect, is the more open and expansive of the two. Docks, on the other hand, offers plenty of nooks and crannies among shipping containers and hangars.

Both the maps and Last Stand are available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 now. (PS3 weekly update coming later today.)

Front Mission Evolved had the daunting task of bringing a cherished Japanese strategy series up to date. Developer Double Helix tried to do this by making FME first-person and action-based. The result? Simon Parkin judged for Eurogamer.

Robot Wars!

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