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Kingdom Under Fire II heading to PS3

Xbox Live red tape suspends 360 version.

Having criticised the red tape of Xbox Live, Blueside has said it is also making a PS3 version of Kingdom Under Fire II.

The "main reason" was because PS3 offers "many possibilities considering the aspects of an MMORPG that requires continuous updates", Blueside CEO Sejung Kim explained.

The PS3 game is penned for a 2012 launch. The press release made no mention of the Xbox 360 version - only the PC game. When pressed about what this meant, Blueside told Eurogamer this morning that, "We're still under discussion with Microsoft, and nothing has been confirmed."

Exclusive characters and missions will be stuffed into the PS3 version of Kingdom Under Fire II. There's no mention of a billing model. Under the hood, Blueside promises to tailor the engine to maximise PS3 use.

Eurogamer found out all about Kingdom Under Fire II late last month - it sounds and looks good.

Watch your elf bar.

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