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Kingdom Under Fire II classes revealed

Berserker, Gunslinger, Spellsword.

The first three player classes of PC and PS3 MMO Kingdom Under Fire II have been revealed.

They are Berserker, Gunsligner and Spellsword.

The Spellsword is represented by a female Dark Elf, a Kim Kardashian of the battlefield. She's fast and agile, and can call upon ice magic to debilitate her foes. She wields a sword, a double-ended sword and a wand.

The Gunslinger is a male human and an inventive, risk-taking warrior. He carries a long sword - often a bastard sword - as well as a shortened rifle. He can eventually equip protective full plate armour.

The Berserker is a hulking Encablossian, a volatile ball of power that's best used away from friendly troops. A Berserker wears layers of exoskeleton armour and brandishes an enormous bastard sword. He also flexes an armoured gauntlet weapon and can summon fire.

Three three classes, plus two more, will be available during the Korean PC beta of Kingdom Under Fire II, planned for later this year.

The full game, release TBA, will offer an impressive 18 classes.

In Kingdom Under Fire II, your hero leads other NPC troops into battle. The size and power of your army depends on your power, among other things. Will you follow the traditional path all the way up to ruler of a kingdom, or will you turn mercenary and rent-out the most feared fighting force around?

It's an ambitious premise, and the most expensive game Blueside and co-developer Phantagram have ever made - the bill already exceeds $20 million.

It appears the Xbox 360 version of Kingdom Under Fire II has stalled. Blueside and Phantagram told Eurogamer last year that Xbox Live red-tape was a proving to be a frustrating obstacle.

The Berserker.
The Gunslinger.
The Spellsword.