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360 Kingdom Under Fire II not an MMO

It is confirmed for late 2010, though.

Korean developer Blueside has confirmed that its action strategy sequel, Kingdom Under Fire II, will get an Xbox 360 version in the second half of 2010.

Kingdom Under Fire II was announced back in early 2008 as a blend of MMO and action RTS, due for PC and consoles in 2009.

But the new release from Blueside, in charming and only slightly broken English, suggests that the 360 version won't feature the same massively multiplayer gameplay as its PC brother, mentioning only "conventional" multiplayer. It's not crystal clear, though.

"Kingdom Under Fire II for Xbox 360 will differentiate itself from the PC Online version in that there will be more focus on the single-player aspect as for players to unveil the secrecy of Bersian history as putting themselves on shoes of heroes and reunite the scattered nations in deep and rich storyline," Blueside said, noting the "addition of mind-blowing scale of Castle Siege battle and the conventional action RTS multiplayer mode via Xbox Live".

The game is once again a co-development between Blueside and Phantagram, and premium DLC for boosting and customising characters is promised. There's no publisher as yet, and announcements are promised regarding other console versions later. There's no new date for the PC version, either.

You can read the full press release at TeamXbox and it's also worth checking out GameSpot's interpretation, which is certain that the MMO mode won't make it to 360.