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Acti urges Black Ops fans to report bugs

"Every game has bugs; it's a reality of gaming."

Activision has urged Call of Duty: Black Ops owners to report exploits, server reliability issues and bugs directly to creator Treyarch.

"These are things that the Treyarch development team needs to hear about in order for them to fix them," Activision's social media guru Dan Amrich wrote on his blog.

"Every game has bugs; it's a reality of gaming. And the bigger the game, the more likely you will find bugs that would never even come to light in less popular titles. So the best way to help get rid of those bugs is to share what you've learned with the team that has the power and insight to fix them."

Amrich urged fans to report issues on the official Call of Duty forum.

He also offered some advice to those who wish to do so. "When you explain your issue - whichever realm it falls under - it helps to be polite (insults in all caps might make you feel better, but it makes it tougher to get to the useful stuff), be specific (the more detail you can offer about what was going on when the problem occurred, the better) and be clear and direct, and you have a much better chance of finding the info you need and/or helping get the problem fixed.

"Less helpful things include angry Tweets directed at nobody in particular, how-to-exploit-the-bugs videos on YouTube, and screaming at the walls, so I do not recommend them."

Black Ops released worldwide at midnight last night. Tom delivered Eurogamer's verdict this morning.

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