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GT5 classical soundtrack dated

Not a Lang Lang way away.

Gran Turismo 5's refreshingly classical soundtrack will be released digitally on 6th December and physically on 13th December.

But you won't be able to buy it on this, the day that Gran Turismo 5 is at long last released.

The soundtrack is performed by Lang Lang, a renowned classical pianist. And he'll be tickling the ivories to some of the world's most famous composers: Chopin, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Joplin, Holst and deaf-as-a-doorknob Beethoven.

"Gran Turismo is the most exciting racing game in the world," said Sony-hired musician Lang Lang, "and I have been a fan of it for many years.

"I feel honoured to have this opportunity to connect with people who have never been in a concert hall before and show them that classical music is not just a part of history, but is actually very present and relevant today."

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