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Joe Danger DLC rides in

PSN hit sees price cut too.

New DLC is on the way for Joe Danger, PlayStation Network's fun racer/platformer hybrid.

According to the PlayStation Blog, developer Hello Games is prepping new characters, all with their own bikes, special moves and collectibles.

"Firstly we have the ghoulish, undead Knight 'Sir Bonehead', collecting Holy Grails to undo the curse of the Lady of the Lake," revealed managing director Sean Murray.

"We've also got Joe wearing a Chicken suit, with egg-cellent new special moves like 'The Red Rooster' and 'Cock-a-Doodle-Danger'!

"The most popular suggestion by far," he added, "was for a playable Monkey (of course), so say hello to 'Chuckles the Chimp', you mightn't know his name, but maybe his Fez will be familiar."

"We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, but Hello Games really like food, so we celebrate it anyway. That's why we decided to let loose Joe Danger's turkey-chomping, Native American brother 'Geronim-Joe'. Prepare your best War Cry and have a happy Thanksgiving as you gobble down some tasty turkey on your trusty steed!"

No release date for the extra content was offered but we're chasing Sony.

Lucky US gamers are also getting a 50 per cent price cut to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday – it's available for $7.49 until 30th November.

Own a PlayStation 3? Not tried Joe Danger yet? You really should – Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell awarded it 8/10 back in June.

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Joe Danger

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