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Eurogamer.net Podcast #44

Ellie, Oli and the Toms rake over Kinect, Call of Duty and NFS.

This is it. This is the apex of 2010. Everything else is downhill after this, and everything before this has been leading up to this moment and exists purely to serve it. We're not talking about the Eurogamer.net Podcast #44, obviously - we're talking about this week. The launch of Kinect. The launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Well, that's what you're supposed to think anyway. Whether or not you do (we're quite partial to the week Ellie got married or the one where podcast host Tom Champion ended up in an ice bath at a music festival), this week's podcast is mostly about these two titanic events - along with discussion of another great game reviewed on the site today, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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The gang has been in super duper reviews mode for a fortnight, so much so that we had to skip last week's podcast (that's the official reason anyway - the real one is that Champ literally cannot cook to save his life), and the result is that we're now experts on all the Kinect launch titles and Treyarch's latest stab at COD. Listen in for views unmitigated by the restraint and diplomacy we generally go for in written reviews. Generally go for.

Elsewhere we talk about Fallout: New Vegas, Bloody Good Time and the PSP Phone rumours, and there's a bit of jibber jabber about Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood ahead of its embargoed review next Tuesday. "I think that's probably covered by the embargo." "Oh who cares." Good times. (Just kidding, Ubisoft lawyers. Or are we etc.)

In an extended, soon-to-be-renamed "Community gubbins" section, host and community manager Tom Champion also talks over winners of recent challenges and competitions, and we all pay homage to our skilled readers' Minecraft creations. Altogether now? Amazing scenes.

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