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MS to use Kinect to personalise content

Voice recog tells it who's playing what.

Microsoft might soon start using its Kinect technology to automatically customise Xbox 360 content depending on who is using the system.

Gamasutra reports that Dennis Durkin of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business told the BMO Capital Markets conference in New York that Kinect was opening up some surprising opportunities for the platform holder.

"I think what we've found is the core gamer may have been the person who brought the box into the house, but as you add new experiences and broader content choices for other members of the house, they come and use the system. We can track some of that usage as it relates to broader family members in the house.

"Kinect actually brings an interesting opportunity as it relates to that," he continued. "Obviously with Kinect, it has facial recognition, voice recognition... we can cater what content gets presented to you based on who you are."

"Your wife in the future might get a different set of content choices than you because we have a smart device that knows her preferences are different than yours."

Kinect's creative director Kudo Tsunoda yesterday told Eurogamer that Microsoft had only just started to explore the full capabilities of its new control system.

"We're very excited about what we have for launch, but again we're just scratching the service," he added. "You're going to be able to get new features, new types of things we're going to develop all with the hardware that you buy today."

Kinect launched across Europe on 10th November.

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