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Kinect sold how many in Japan?

Boosts Xbox 360 sales.

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Based on the opening two-day sales of Kinect, Microsoft's fortunes haven't reversed in Japan just yet.

Kinect was bought 26,000 times by close of play on 21st November, according to Andriasang.

Xbox 360 sales jumped by 5000 units as a result, climbing to 7083 for the week.

But Kinect games performed badly. DanceEvolution was the best seller with 6000 sales, which placed it 24th in the regional software chart. Kinect Sports entered 45th, but Crossboard 7, New Brain Training and Sonic Free Riders all missed the top 50.

Small numbers for Kinect, then, but growth for Microsoft nonetheless. And remember, Xbox 360 has an installed base of just 1.4 million in Japan, according to regional data collector Media Create (compiled wonderfully by members of NeoGAF).

In comparison, PlayStation Move - which arrived 21st October in Japan - reportedly did roughly double the business of Kinect. But there are 5.7 million PlayStation 3 consoles in homes across Japan.

Xbox 360's best selling game in Japan this week was Call of Duty: Black Ops. It placed seventh with 30,279 sales.

Coincidentally, PS3's best selling game was also Black Ops. But the total was much higher: first place with 128,992 sales.

That Sony dominance spilled into hardware, where PSP was the country's best overall seller for the week with 98,417 sales. The PS3 was the strongest console with 29,058 units sold.

Those tallies outdid Nintendo's DS with 44,290 sales and Wii with 27,851 sales.

But Nintendo still has a whopping lead in terms of Japanese installed base. The DS has sold 31.46 million units in Japan; the PSP has managed 15.63 million. The Wii has sold 10.79 million units in Japan; the PS3 has managed 5.74 million.

In the software chart, Nintendo's new DS game Super Fossil Fighters entered second with 42,829 sales. Pokemon Black/White was third with 39,883 sales, taking the game's lifetime total - since a mid-September launch - to a colossal 4.45 million sales.

Super Mario All-Stars on Wii was fourth (38,219 units) and PSP game Tactics Ogre - last week's leader - fifth (37,350 units).

PES 2011 on PSP was sixth, COD: Black Ops on 360 seventh, Magician's Quest on DS eighth, PES 2011 on PS3 ninth and Record of Agarest War 2 on PS3 10th.

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