Kinect Adventures


Kinect Roundup

Sports! Boarding! Keep fit! Dancing! More boarding!

VideoKinect trailer for Sonic Free Riders

Not a board peripheral in sight.

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8th December 2010

Kinect Roundup

Kinect Roundup

Sports! Boarding! Keep fit! Dancing! More boarding!

UK chart: COD batters competition

UPDATE: Why Kinect Adventures is absent.

VideoSonic Free Riders weapons trailer

No sword and shield here!

VideoKinect trailer for Sonic Free Riders

Not a board peripheral in sight.

SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

"Average" Sonic games de-listed

SEGA trying to "increase the value" of brand.

Sonic Free Riders

Sonic racing comes to Kinect.

Sonic Free Riders

The least dignified game demo of my life.