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Spend 1600 MSP, get 400 MSP back

Eligible games include Braid, Rez, etc.

With winter drawing in and only one evening a week to spend watching The Apprentice, it's getting more tempting to spend loads of money on downloadable entertainment – but don't worry, if you spend 1600 Microsoft Points on certain items at the moment, Microsoft will give you 400 MSP back.

All you have to do is download a Microsoft Game Studios Offer gamerpic and buy eligible items before the end of 22nd November to a total of 1600 MSP and you will get your free points, which will be sent to you within four weeks as an automatic account top-up or in an email as a redeemable code.

The line-up isn't too shabby, either. Eligible Xbox Live Arcade games include Ikaruga, Rez HD, Braid, N+ and The Dishwasher, and there's also downloadable content for Halo 3, Gears of War 2 and others.

The full list along with terms and conditions is over on Microsoft's website. Sadly nothing related to Viva Pinata is eligible, however, so we will be boycotting the event in protest.

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