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EVE noob edition Europe-bound

Kick-start bundle here in December.

The noob-friendly shop-shelf edition of online spaceship game EVE Online is coming to Europe.

Namco Bandai is doing the honours and expects the game to be available in December. The US version arrived in mid-October.

Properly dubbed the Commissioned Officer Edition, this bundle aims to get new EVE recruits up to speed fast.

The key perk will be a Cerebral Accelerator implant, which "significantly increases" skill development of a fledgling pilot as well as bestows nearby allies with "a powerful boost" to their abilities. The downside? The Cerebral Accelerator only works for 30 days.

The Commissioned Officer Edition also packs 30 days of free game time as well as a nifty poster with hints and tips on - and you'll need them up there.

What's more, the Commissioned Officer Edition can be employed to convert an existing free trial or buddy program trial account into a full account. The first character created on the account will get the Cerebral Accelerator.

The EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition will only be available in the UK and Germany. It's a shop exclusive - it won't be offered digitally online.