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Gran Turismo 5: Where's cheapest?

ShopTo at the moment.

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Perhaps the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusive ever goes on sale at midnight tonight: Gran Turismo 5.

As you'd expect, shops are scrambling to offer gamers the best deal possible, knocking pounds off of the £49.99 RRP like a butcher slicing meat.

Because we know it can be a bit confusing working out the best deal, we've done it for you, listing all the major players' offerings at the time of publishing. Buckle up.

  • - £37.46.
  • - £37.99.
  • ShopTo - £34.85.
  • GAME - £39.99.
  • Gamestation - £39.99.
  • HMV - £37.91.
  • Tesco - £35.90.
  • Zavvi - £37.95.

And some in-store promotions we've noticed:

  • Best Buy (there's one in Croydon!) - £29.99. Collector's Edition for £48. Sony 40" 3D LED TV with free Gran Turismo 5 for £996.
  • Blockbuster - 99p when you trade in two games from a list of chart games, including F1 2010, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Call of Duty: Black Ops. £10 in-store credit thrown in for good measure.
  • HMV - £5 when you trade in F1 2010 on PlayStation 3.

If you notice any bumper deals, mention them in the comments section and we'll add them to the list.

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