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What's that - Pong on PS3?

Atari begins retro revival for Sony.

Like a parenting bird, Atari is regurgitating nutritious PSone games for PS3 and PSP.

This brave strategy began with yesterday's arrival of Centipede on the PlayStation Store. It costs £4.

Still to come: Pong and Missile Command, among other unnamed retro morsels. But we're not sure which is planned for next Wednesday's weekly PlayStation Store update.

Centipede is a shoot-'em-up, and a fast one at that. Blast insects into oblivion before they can eat you, and then face off against the queen centipede herself. Legs to die for.

Missile Command involves zapping waves of aliens with Earth's finest ballistics before the invaders eat mankind or whatever they're planning to do.

And Pong is Pong - Atari reckons this is "the most addictive head-to-head competition you'll ever play".

Remember that these are the PSone adaptations of these classic arcade licenses - not the originals themselves.