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Buy now or it's a Kinect-free Christmas

MS expects 2010 stock to sell out this week.

If you want to see the unfettered joy on a loved-one's face that only a Kinect-shaped parcel under the Christmas tree can bring, you'd better get your act together. Microsoft reckons that unless you order one this week it'll be lumps of coal all round come 25th December.

According to TechCrunch, Microsoft exec Don Mattrick told the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that anyone wanting to buy a Kinect in time for Christmas should place an order "by the end of this week" or risk disappointment.

Mattrick went on to claim that he wasn't just cynically trying to spike sales with his prediction.

Call his bluff if you dare, but don't come crying to us when little Jimmy ruins Christmas lunch with his inconsolable tears of despair.

Microsoft's new motion-sensing hardware has been flying off shelves since its launch earlier this month. It moved a million units in its first 10 days on sale in the US. In the UK, Xbox 360 sales doubled in its first week on sale.