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Dead Rising 2: Case West out next month

New details revealed.

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Controversial Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Dead Rising 2: Case West will release next month, Capcom's announced.

The downloadable game sees photojournalist Frank West return to Fortune City to investigate Phenotrans and find proof of its involvement with the zombie outbreaks.

Epilogue Case West is set immediately after the events of Dead Rising 2, and sees Frank team up with Chuck Greene in co-op action.

The duo set out on a brand new case set in the Phenotrans Facility on the outskirts of Fortune City.

There are new challenges, new enemies and new weapons. New Combo weapons are also possible, such as the Zap & Shine and the Reaper.

The incredibly annoying task of rescuing human survivors will also feature. Yay.

As already revealed, Frank can take photographs. Expect cameo appearances from characters from the original Dead Rising.

If you play Case West on your lonesome, you'll control Chuck, with the AI handling Frank – he's invulnerable in this mode.

At the Tokyo Game Show 2010 Capcom denied it was "alienating" PS3-owning Dead Rising fans with Case West, despite it being an Xbox Live Arcade esxclusive.

Following Case West's Tokyo Game Show reveal PS3 gamers complained that they were being denied the beginning and end of the upcoming zombie kill-em-up.

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